FACT model

The development of organisational strategies has long been a domain of careful deliberation based on a maximum amount of information. A multi-stakeholder process, designed to provide in-depth analysis and different perspectives to make balanced choices about the nature and direction of an organization. 

In a dynamic environment with increasing speed, growing scope and declining predictability of change, this old model no longer fits volatile, complex and uncertain times. In such disruptive marketplaces, the value of traditional strategy is diminishing. 

Sure, the value of an in-depth analysis phase, comprehensive research, stakeholder interviews, scenario planning, and alignment are undisputed. But companies have less and less time for them. And how often have carefully designed multi-year strategic plans been developed, only to become obsolete after a few months, or even weeks?

With our FACT model, CoThink facilitates a process which allows your company to be more agile and to more effectively adapt to short term changes in your market place.

As a result, your strategy becomes more fluid, developing a vision that incorporates the long-term purpose and principles of the organization, which serve as the north star for all activities. Adaptive management promotes a fundamental openness and flexibility at the tactical level and fosters the willingness to explore and iterate.

CoThink’s FACT model brings together vision and adaptiveness into your strategy development. It becomes a transformative process for the management team, rather than a lengthy and static exercise.

F Facilitated Group Process

We strongly believe that it is not our job to tell you what direction to take, but to facilitate the process. Our facilitators plan, guide and document the work of your team and ensure that objectives are met effectively, with full participation, clear thinking, and buy-in from everyone involved. They balance long term elements such as vision and purpose of the organisation with adaptiveness and openness on the tactical level. They create the working space which is required for success and ensure that stakeholders become participants.


A Analyse and Reflect Trends in the Environment

Our facilitators lead your team through an assessment of the internal and external environment, gaining input from different perspectives. Our process is designed to screen the horizon for relevant trends and to explore these areas in an iterative manner. This way you avoid paralysis by analysis.


C Choose Direction

Based on insights from the analysis, our facilitators guide you in the development of different scenarios, exploring alternative directions for your organization. These scenarios are developed and evaluated against clear criteria, so that later you can react very quickly to changes in a dynamic environment. The result serves as basis for iterative and adaptive implementation.


T Test Feasibility and Plan Implementation

Your team looks into the implications of your strategic decisions and gets an idea about implied effort, complexity, benefits, costs and risks. Rather than formulating a strategy at the “green table”, our iterative process ensures review loops and by that maximizes the opportunity for a successful strategy implementation.


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